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Koo Koo Chicken offers crispy, savoury, juicy chicken. You cannot even imagine this level of tastiness. Try their Chicken Steak, Koo Koo Bites and Taiwanese Pork Sandwiches today for pick up or delivery in Mississauga through!

Unit 10, 1525 Bristol Rd W

(905) 567-6665

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“This is fried chicken done right”

Yes, the chicken tastes as good as it looks in the pictures. Super crispy, juicy and pipping hot; this is fried chicken done right. It takes a few minutes for your chicken to be prepared but I assure you it’s worth the wait!

“My favorite Taiwanese place in Mississauga!”

My favorite Taiwanese place in Mississauga! Delicious Taiwanese popcorn chicken and other small eats. Good quantity for reasonable prices. I liked their mini koo koo chicken bites $4.40, Taiwanese pork sandwiches $6.50 for 2,  soy ginger chicken with basil on rice $7.95, which came with some sides. Very tasty and filling. Casual environment, which is great since no tip and quick for eating.

“Crispy and flavourful”

We ordered two chicken steak meals that came with a huge portion of beautifully fresh fried chicken steak, fries & a bubble tea. We also got the pork buns which were amazing! The buns were the perfect texture and the filling was so flavourful and delicious. The chicken steak felt incredibly fresh, the meat was white meat, the batter was crispy and flavourful, and it wasn’t dry at all! They offer little shakers filled with different kinds of flavour seasonings at every table. We used spicy and curry – it was fantastic!